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Luan Zongtao, deputy director of the Department of Degree Management and Graduate Education of the Ministry of Education, visited the university

2024-03-19 16:34   来源:Hunan Normal University news network   作者:Chen Lirong Ma Tiequan Xiao Ruiyang   点击:

(Reporter Chen Lirong Ma Tiequan Xiao Ruiyang) March 18 afternoon,Luan Zongtao, deputy director of the Department of Degree Management and Graduate Education of the Ministry of Education and deputy director of the Office of Academic Degrees Committee of The State Council, came to our school for investigation,Provincial education Department deputy director LAN Yong,Jiang Hongxin, Secretary of Party Committee of our University and academician of European Academy of Sciences,Yao Chunmei, head of the discipline Inspection Commission,Vice President Jiang Xinmiao attended the symposium and accompanied the research。

Jiang Hongxin warmly welcomed the arrival of Deputy Director Luan Zongtao and his delegation, and thanked the Ministry of Education and the Provincial Department of Education for their continuous attention and support to our school。He introduced the development process, development status and future planning of the discipline degree construction of our university。He said that the university has always shouldering the glorious mission of educating people for the Party and the country, insisting on placing degree and postgraduate education in an important position, constantly optimizing the layout of disciplines, paying attention to cross-integration, and promoting discipline construction and degree development to a new stage and achieving new achievements。He said that the university will implement the relevant requirements, take the construction of academic places as the traction, improve the quality of training of top-notch innovative talents through excellent postgraduate education, promote the high-quality development of various undertakings of the university, and strive to build a strong education country and a strong education province, and do a good job of education that the people are satisfied with。

LAN Yong fully affirmed the achievements of our school in recent years。He said that our university can be in the forefront of provincial universities and national normal universities, inseparable from the strong leadership of the school Party committee, inseparable from the school's emphasis on discipline construction and degree management。He points out,Normal University should continue to maintain the momentum of innovative development, high-quality development and characteristic development;The teaching staff should have the spirit of striving for innovative talents and the face of striving for innovative undertakings.To create an active and enterprising campus atmosphere;Discipline construction should adhere to the "double first-class" discipline priority,Adhere to the docking of Hunan's "three high and four new" industries,We will give priority to the development of emerging and innovative disciplines,Make greater contributions to the country in high-quality development。

Luan Zongtao affirmed the foundation of discipline construction, degree construction and profound educational heritage of our school。He put forward three requirements for the degree and postgraduate education work of our university: First, to accelerate the transformation of traditional disciplines。We should optimize the specialty setting of disciplines, transform and upgrade them in the direction of intelligent modernization, deeply study the development prospects of disciplines, take innovation as the orientation, base on regional, national and international communication, accelerate the cross-integration of arts, science and engineering, and cultivate high-quality talents for the whole society.The second is to strive for excellence in the field of humanities and social sciences。It is necessary to further clarify and expand the concept of discipline,Keep up with the technological development of The Times,Take the landmark achievement as the standard to test the construction of the discipline,Adhere to the construction concept of "learning to use",Combine with practice and technology,Give full play to the characteristics and advantages of school subject education,To ensure that the results are effective;Third, we must always pay attention to the construction of disciplines and the application of degree sites。Aiming at the goal of building a strong education country by 2035, according to the development needs of higher education, the development needs of Hunan's "three high and four new" development needs and the major strategic needs of the country, the university will promote the construction of academic places, strengthen the construction of professional degrees and professional personnel training, and lay a solid foundation for the subsequent development of the university。

Before the symposium, Luan Zongtao and his delegation visited the museum of our university and the world-class construction discipline exhibition hall。

Chen Ao-han and Zhang Wanlong, cadres of the Degree Management Office of the Department of Degree Management and Graduate Education of the Ministry of Education, Yan Shengli, director of the Degree Management and Graduate Education Office of the Hunan Provincial Department of Education, and heads of relevant functional departments and secondary colleges of the university accompanied the research and participated in the symposium。

Editor: Huang Yiyi

Editor: Ma Tiequan

Review: Chen Lirong

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