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[Video news] The Theoretical Learning Center group of the University Party Committee carried out the second collective learning in 2024

2024-03-15 10:15   来源:Hunan Normal University news network   作者:Wu Le Guo Ruolan Huang Yiyi   点击:

(记者 Wu Le Guo Ruolan Huang Yiyi)3月14日上午,校党委理论学习中心组(扩大)在图书馆报告厅召开学习会,深入学习贯彻习近平总书记关于解放思想的重要论述和2024年全国两会精神。Jiang Hongxin, academician of the European Academy of Sciences and Secretary of the University Party Committee, presided over the meeting。

蒋洪新领学了习近平总书记关于解放思想的重要论述。He says,Since the 18th National Congress of the Party,习近平总书记围绕“为什么要解放思想”“怎样解放思想”等重大理论和实践问题,Guide the whole Party to emancipate with new thinking,We will continue to promote and expand the great practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics,It also provides basic guidelines for the development of higher education。We should grasp the emancipation of the mind, grasp the implementation of the hand, through the emancipation of the mind to unify the mind, grasp the rhythm, solve problems, and jointly promote the high-quality development of the school。

Xie Ziqing, a member of the CPPCC National Committee and vice president of the CPPCC National Committee, conveyed the spirit of the second session of the 14th CPPCC National Committee with the title "The Road is united, Forge Ahead"。她介绍了会议基本情况、会议主要精神、住湘全国政协委员履职情况和个人履职情况,分享了参会体会,重点传达了习近平总书记在看望参加政协会议的民革、科技界、环境资源界委员时的重要讲话精神。During the conference, she carefully deliberated and discussed, submitted five proposals to the conference, and said that she would continue to tell the Chinese story, the Hunan story and the public story, perform her duties for the country and the people!

Professor Xiao Beigeng, a deputy to the National People's Congress and a law school, conveyed the spirit of the second session of the 14th National People's Congress with the title "Gather Great Strength, Promote the Construction of a strong country and the Great Revival of the Nation.。他结合履职体会,全方位介绍了大会基本情况,深入解读了习近平总书记的重要讲话精神以及政府工作报告中关于教育、科技、人才等工作的重要内容。During the conference, he carefully deliberated, actively spoke, made suggestions, submitted two proposals to the conference, and received letters of thanks from the Supreme People's Court and the General Office of the Supreme People's Procuratorate。

Liu Zhonghua, alternate member of the 20th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, academician and President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, expressed his gratitude to the delegates and members of the University for earnestly performing their duties, sending out the voice of Normal University and demonstrating the image of Normal University。He points out,This year, the two sessions of the National intensive transmission of economic and livelihood policy information,Release multiple confidence,Schools should seize the opportunity,Take the new semester work meeting deployment as the starting point,We will strive for a new round of undergraduate education and teaching review and evaluation, promote high-quality development of personnel work, and accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements,We will do our best to build first-class disciplines, do a good job in the application of doctoral programs, solve the problems of teachers and students, and ensure campus safety and stability。Liu Zhonghua said that we should make good use of the two golden signboards of "double first-class" universities and high-quality basic education, dig deep into the high-quality resources of alumni, actively strive for the support of all sectors of society, constantly gather internal forces, attract external forces, and work together to forge ahead!

Jiang Hongxin said in his speech that the representatives and members of our school who participated in the meeting actively discussed politics and made suggestions, performed their duties responsibly, and showed the responsibility of the people of Normal University, which was widely concerned and praised by the society, and was the glory of the whole school。他强调,全校上下要把学习贯彻习近平总书记重要讲话精神和全国两会精神作为重要政治任务。First, it is necessary to organize quickly and do a good job in learning, publicity, research and interpretation。Through the theoretical learning center group, faculty political theory learning, etc., quickly convey, boost confidence, and pay close attention to implementation。Second, we must take the initiative to connect and seize major opportunities such as the development of new quality productive forces。Further promote interdisciplinary, strengthen the transformation of results, and serve the "three high and four new" beautiful blueprint and national major strategy。Third, we must closely focus on security and build a stable defensive line for campus development。In particular, we should pay attention to the mental health of teachers and students and the safety of buildings, and strive to create a good environment for teachers to teach and children to grow up healthily。

All home school leaders, members of the Party Committee, secretaries of second-level party organizations, and main persons in charge of functional departments participated in the study meeting。

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Editor: Ma Tiequan

Review: Chen Lirong

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