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【博彩平台推荐】474 units!The campus job fair for the 2024 graduates of Hunan Normal University was launched

2024-03-17 19:05   来源:Changsha Evening News   作者:邹麟   点击:

Changsha Evening News Palm Changsha March 16 news(All Media reporter Zou Lin) On the morning of the 16th, the large-scale job fair for the 2024 graduates of normal colleges in Hunan Province and the spring key enterprises and public institutions of the 2024 graduates of Hunan Normal University was held in the athletics field of Hunan Normal University。Although the sky under the light rain, but the scene of the job fair is still crowded, in front of some coastal areas of education units, students to apply to submit resumes is a long line。It is understood that the campus recruitment from a total of 474 key enterprises and institutions across the country, most of them are education-related units。

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