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【大陆博彩平台】 Hunan Normal University Marxism School to carry out scenic mobile ideological and political courses

2024-03-17 19:33   来源:红网   作者:Tan Jihua   点击:

Group photo of trainees.png

Photo of training staff。

Red net time news on March 17(Correspondent Tan Jihua) In order to let young college students deeply understand the essence of Chinese modernization,3月16日,湖南师范大学“习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想概论课”教师邢鹏飞、张燮、周耀杭带领同学们走进“湘江潮涌向未来——中国式现代化的湘江实践”主题展,Carried out a moving ideological and political lesson with scenery。

Mr. Zhou Yaohang told the students about the exploration of Chinese modernization。The history of the Communist Party of China uniting and leading the Chinese people in pursuit of national rejuvenation is also a history of constantly exploring the path of modernization。On the basis of long-term exploration and practice since the founding of New China, especially since reform and opening up, and through innovative breakthroughs in theory and practice since the 18th National Congress of the CPC, we have successfully promoted and expanded Chinese-style modernization。

Training site.png

Training site。

Teacher Xing Pengfei explained the Chinese characteristics and essential requirements of Chinese modernization to the students。The Chinese style of modernization means a huge population, common prosperity for all the people, harmony between material and spiritual civilization, harmonious coexistence between man and nature, and a path of peaceful development。Xiangjiang New Area is taking the lead in promoting high-quality development, striving to be a green benchmark, creating a civilized highland, and building a happy home。

Training and explanation site.png

Live explanation。

Mr. Zhang Xie and the students discussed how to promote the steady and long-term development of Chinese modernization。It is necessary to deeply understand and grasp the major principles of Chinese-style modernization, correctly handle a series of major relationships, and promote the steady and long-term development of Chinese-style modernization with closer unity and more tenacious struggle。湘江新区城市馆廉紫阳老师结合布展内容为同学们具体讲解了中国式现代化的湘江答卷。From Beidou chips, Shenzhou spacecraft components to the demonstration application sand table of intelligent connected car scenes, the exhibition displayed a large number of physical objects, demonstrating the vigorous strength of high-end industrial development in the new district。Hunan Xiangjiang New District is relying on Xiangjiang Science City to build a global research and development center urban core leading area。

近年来湖南师范大学不断创新习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想概论课实践教学,The main starting point is the inquiry-based thematic cooperative teaching mode,Taking question chain inquiry as the target of teaching reform,The construction of thematic content is the breakthrough of teaching reform,Take collaborative innovation as the focus of teaching reform,The comprehensive linkage has created a mobile ideological and political course with scenery。The course teaching is deeply loved by the students, and the evaluation of the course team teaching ranks first in the school's ideological and political course for five consecutive years。Students' ideological and political concepts have been sublimated, and their actions to shoulder the mission of The Times are more conscious。Mobile classroom teaching was selected as the demonstration course of the third National Ideological and political theory course teaching exhibition "Ideological and Political course Integration Exhibition", which was recommended by the Ministry of Education in the first batch of the country。

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