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    • Chua Meihua

      Chua Meihua

      Chua Meihua,女,People from Hunchun, Jilin Province,The Korean nationality,CPC member,博士,教授,Doctoral supervisor,Member of the Discipline Review Group of The State Council (6th and 7th sessions),The first national teaching master,Enjoy the special government allowance experts of The State Council,"National Model Worker",He has won many honors such as "the fourth batch of young and middle-aged professional and technical talents with Outstanding Contributions in Jilin Province", "Young Teachers Award of Fok Yingdong Education Foundation", "The First One Hundred National University Teachers Award", and "National Baosteel Education Fund Outstanding Teachers Special Prize Nomination Award"

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    • rhododendron


      National famous teacher: Bai Jiehong

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    • Li Yumin

      Li Yumin

      Li Yumin, born in Leiyang, Hunan Province in 1953, a member of the Communist Party of China, professor, doctoral supervisor。In January 1985, he received a master's degree in history and has been teaching at the university ever since。He was appointed as a member of the Steering Committee of History Education in colleges and universities of the Ministry of Education, an expert of the discipline planning review group of the National Social Science Foundation, a member of the Chinese Historical Society, a member of the Chinese Sun Yat-sen Society, a vice president of the Hunan History Society, a vice president of the Hunan Hunan Research Institute, a deputy director of the Academic Committee of Hunan Normal University, and so on。He undertakes the teaching of many courses at the doctoral, master's and undergraduate levels, focusing on cultivating and improving the ability and quality of students。Presided over the Ministry of Education "' three combination...

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    • Xiao Pengfei

      Xiao Pengfei

      In July 1985, he joined the work as a special grade and senior teacher of chemistry in the High School attached to Hunan Normal University, enjoying the special government allowance of The State Council, a famous teacher of the national "Ten thousand thousand Plan", a gold medal coach of the International Middle School Students' Olympic Chemistry Competition, and a part-time master of Chemistry Teaching Theory tutor in Hunan Normal University。He has accumulated rich experience in middle school chemistry teaching, middle school chemistry competition and subject research。In 1992, he taught "High School Chemistry Problem Solving and Experiment Guidance" on Hunan TV Station, which was highly praised by students and rebroadcast on Yunnan TV Station and Guizhou TV Station。He taught many students such as Wang Can...

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