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Principal Liu Zhonghua went deep into the grass-roots units to carry out school visits and investigations

2024-03-08 18:03   来源:Hunan Normal University news network   作者:Chen Lirong Ma Tiequan Liu Hangrui   点击:

(Reporter Chen Lirong Ma Tiequan Liu Hangrui) March 5 -6,Mr. Liu Zhonghua, Alternate member of the 20th CPC Central Committee, Academician and President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, visited the Department of Science and Technology, the Department of Social Sciences, the Department of Asset Management, the Department of Finance, the Institute of Chemical Industry, the Institute of Biological Sciences, the Department of Development Planning and Discipline Construction, and the Graduate School,Vice President Liu Huade, Jiang Xinmiao, Pan Anlian accompanied the research。

Liu Zhonghua visited the faculty and staff representatives of all units and expressed his gratitude to everyone for their contributions to the development of the school。Director of Science and Technology, Tong Dongsheng,Asset management Co., LTD. General manager Gong Min,Deputy Director of Social Sciences, Yang Wang, Li Chaomin,Director of Finance, Hong Yin Jun,Yang Ronghua, president of the Chemical Institute,Xie Luogeng, Secretary of the Party Committee of the College of Health Sciences,Sun Yuebing, Director of Development Planning and Discipline Construction Department,Dean of Graduate School Zheng Hyun-zhang reported the work development,The paper analyzes the difficulties faced and the countermeasures for the next step。Liu Zhonghua fully affirmed the work achievements of each unit, and exchanged cordial discussions with the staff of each unit, carefully listened to their opinions and suggestions on the development of the school, and put forward guidance on the next stage of work。

Liu Zhonghua put forward requirements on the school's scientific research and achievement transformation work: First, we must do a good job in coordinated development, carry forward the advantages of normal education and humanities and social sciences in our school, expand the natural science and high-level scientific research growth point, and take the road of coordinated development of arts and sciences。Second, we should do a good job in system construction, establish a sound scientific and effective reward mechanism, in order to enhance the sense of gain and satisfaction of faculty and staff, motivate teachers to devote themselves to scientific research, give play to the leading role of high-level talents, improve the ability of scientific research and innovation, and enable the transformation of scientific research results。The third is to build a good platform, through the establishment of a complete scientific research platform, cultivate a complete team of experts, and build a good Normal University think tank。According to the financial work status of the school,He stressed that multiple measures should be taken at the same time,We will expand channels for open funding,Give full play to the advantages of our disciplines and resources,The transformation of scientific and technological achievements as an important way to open source;Second, we must take a long-term view,Plan fiscal reduction measures,Rational arrangement of funds,Improve fund-raising capacity,Improve the expenditure structure。Third, we should strengthen management, prevent financial risks, maintain a rigorous work style, improve the construction of relevant systems, implement post responsibilities, improve the professional ethics and professional quality of financial personnel, and ensure the smooth operation of the school。

In the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, School of Life Science research,Liu Zhonghua said,The two colleges have great potential, strong technology and abundant resources,In the future development, we should allocate resources rationally,Establish a resource sharing platform,We will optimize the allocation of human resources and scientific research resources,Give full play to the value of resources,Improve research efficiency;Second, we need to improve the talent system,Introduce a group of "leading geese", gather a group of "potential stocks", enrich a group of "reserve army",Innovative talent evaluation system,Promote the enthusiasm of scientific research of talents with the competitive incentive mechanism,Stimulate the vitality of talent innovation,Promote the high-quality development of talent work;Third, we will foster high-level scientific research,Make full use of alumni and external resources,To improve the quantity of scientific research results to improve the quality of scientific research results,To better serve social development with high-quality scientific research results。

At the research discussion between the Department of Development Planning and Discipline Construction and the Graduate School, Liu Zhonghua pointed out that the Department of Development Planning and Discipline Construction is the core think tank for the development of the university, and the graduate School is the core force for cultivating innovative and creative talents。The university has always attached great importance to the work of the Department of Development Planning and Discipline Construction and the Graduate School, and has given full support in terms of policies, talents, funds and equipment。It is necessary to accurately understand the spirit of the relevant meeting of the provincial Party committee and the higher education authorities,To keep the innovation, pioneering spirit and open vision, pattern,To promote the comprehensive reform of education,We will deepen comprehensive education reform,Through the implementation of science and engineering reform pilot,Build a research school,Improve the tutor team system and teaching and research supervision system,Further integrate resources and gather strength,Make full use of the existing advantages in education and teaching,We will deepen innovation in personnel training models,Improve the quality of talent training。

He pointed out that the development of the university has entered a new historical stage, facing new situations, new tasks and new challenges, but also contains new opportunities and new hopes。He stressed that all units should base on the development needs of the country and Hunan, focus on the key work of the school, emancipate the mind, cheer up the spirit, unite as one, do solid work, and continue to contribute to the high-quality development of the school cause。

Heads of relevant functional units attend meetings。

Editor: Huang Yiyi

Editor: Ma Tiequan

Review: Chen Lirong

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