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School leaders investigated the teaching work of undergraduate education in our university

2024-02-27 17:56   来源:Hunan Normal University news network   作者:Ma Tiequan Huang Yiyi   点击:

(Reporter Ma Tiequan Huang Yiyi) On the morning of February 26, Jiang Hongxin, academician of the European Academy of Sciences, secretary of the University Party Committee, alternate member of the 20th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, President Liu Zhonghua investigated undergraduate education and teaching work。The symposium was held in the Zhishan Building and chaired by Vice President Xie Ziqing。

The relevant person in charge of the Academic Affairs Office (Evaluation and Construction Office, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Office) reported the basic situation of the undergraduate education and teaching work of the university and the relevant situation of the review and evaluation work。

Liu Zhonghua said that education and teaching work is the central work of the school, which is both the basic plate and the chassis, and should always be placed in the first place of the school's work。He put forward three requirements for undergraduate education and teaching:First, we must base ourselves on the present and do a good job in all aspects of audit and evaluation。All units should deepen their ideological understanding, mobilize all forces to carry out audit and evaluation, achieve the three guarantees of people, financial and material, do a good job of regular tracking, and take responsibility to people, strive to pass the audit and evaluation with excellent results, and make due contributions to the high-quality development of the school。Second, based on reality, comprehensively promote the reform of the teaching and education mechanism。Improve the teacher evaluation system, strengthen the teaching staff, and enhance the enthusiasm of teachers to teach;Improve the school management mode, strive for the organic coordination of "people, posts and things", and improve the quality of education and teaching。Third, based on the long-term, for培育产出Great achievementMake preparationsGather resources closely around talent training, promote education and teaching reform at a high level, promote the output of results in a planned way, promote the high-quality development of various school work, provide scientific and technological support for the major strategic needs of the country, and better help realize the beautiful blueprint of Hunan's "three highs and four new"。

Jiang Hongxin pointed out,Our university has a very excellent tradition of undergraduate talent training,The new round of undergraduate education teaching audit and evaluation is related to the overall development and construction of the school,It is the only way to promote the improvement of school education concept and refine and produce high-level results,It is an opportunity to comprehensively examine the concept of personnel training, the level of teaching management, and the quality assurance system。Do a good job in personnel training,First, we should further improve the station position and fully understand the audit and evaluation工作Significance of。All units should jointly manage, form a joint force, implement the work, and raise the strength of the whole school to promote undergraduate education and teaching to a higher level;Second, we should further improve teachers' teaching ability and management level。Innovative teaching methods, open up two-way communication channels, promote teacher-student communication, teaching management cadres should strengthen the sense of responsibility, responsibility, as a sense, with new ideas to guide undergraduate teaching work;Third, we should further strengthen campus construction to enhance the cultural atmosphere。Improve the teaching equipment, optimize the layout of the site, improve the comprehensive education ability with the beautiful campus environment and profound campus cultural atmosphere, and lay a good foundation for the review and evaluation work。

Heads of relevant units attended the symposium。

Editor: Huang Yiyi

Editor: Ma Tiequan

Review: Chen Lirong

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