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[Red Net] "Two-way walking" Ideological and political class: Hunan Normal University went to Qingshuitang Primary School to carry out law promotion activities

2024-03-20 08:48   来源:红网   作者:Wen Zhengzhen   点击:

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Hunan Normal University Law School Student Work Office all counselors led the student volunteers to Kaifu District Qingshuitang Primary School to carry out law promotion activities。

Red net time news on March 19(Correspondent Wen Zhengzhen) In order to further promote the spirit of Lei Feng and the spirit of volunteer service, enhance the concept of the rule of law of minors, and improve the awareness of self-protection of minors, recently, all counselors of the student Work Office of Hunan Normal University Law School led student volunteers to Qingshuitang Primary School in Kaifu District to carry out law promotion activities。

According to the age characteristics and growth needs of primary school students, the volunteers prepared corresponding legal knowledge courses, and enhanced the interest of the courses and the acceptance of the audience with vivid explanations, so as to achieve a good publicity effect。

The four volunteers carried out legal publicity under the themes of "identifying violations and crimes, staying away from harm", "opposing campus violence and bullying", "protecting youth with law as the shield" and "Child sex safety education"。首先,They explained the law by case,Discuss matters according to law,In plain language, the fifth grade students are introduced to the illegal and criminal phenomena in life that they are not aware of,Remind them to be vigilant and stay out of harm's way;secondly,Through the way of classroom question-and-answer, let students realize the existence form and specific harm of campus violence;In turn,Simulate the situation in which infringement occurs,Combined with the "Minor Protection Law", "Public security Administration Punishment Law" and other relevant laws,Encourage students to take up legal weapons to defend the legitimate rights and interests of themselves and others;finally,Introduce the knowledge of puberty physiology and the legal knowledge of sexual assault prevention,Help students learn ways to protect themselves from abuse。The enthusiasm of the volunteers for law popularization aroused the enthusiasm of the "Lei Xiaofeng" students to learn legal knowledge and created an active classroom atmosphere。

The publicity campaign entered Lei Feng's hometown and went to the flowers of the motherland, not only sowing the seeds of "respecting the law, studying the law, abiding by the law, and using the law" in the hearts of primary school students in Qing Dynasty, improving their self-safety prevention ability, but also promoting and carrying forward the spirit of Lei Feng。Next, Qingshuitang Primary School will continue to actively link multiple resources, carry out rich legal publicity activities through the two-way walking of "Please come in" and "Go out", fully protect the physical and mental safety of children, and create a safe and healthy growth environment for minors。

Original link:http://cs.rednet.cn/content/646847/53/13650543.html

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