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"Ideological and Political Lessons in Venues" : The Xiangjiang practice from "industrialization" to "Chinese-style modernization"

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Teachers from the School of Marxism of Hunan Normal University teach ideological and political courses in the City Hall of Xiangjiang New District。

Red net time news on March 18(Correspondent Tan Jihua) March 16-17,Xiangjiang New District City Hall,Jiao Xiaoyun, Huang Yan and Luo Wei, teachers of the School of Marxism of Hunan Normal University, took "Xiangjiang Practice from 'Industrialization' to 'Chinese-style Modernization'" as the theme,For Grade 21 students of land resource management, applied physics, urban planning, etc,Taught an immersive ideological and political lesson with a view。The three teachers led the students to experience the great achievements of Xiangjiang New District in striving to realize modernization, and looked back at the brilliant course of laying the foundation and creating the Chinese-style modernization road。

Teachers from the School of Marxism of Hunan Normal University teach ideological and political courses in the City Hall of Xiangjiang New District。

Xiangjiang New Area is a vivid practice of Chinese modernization, and the development process of Xiangjiang New Area for decades is the reality epitome of the Chinese people's exploration from "industrialization" to "Chinese modernization" under the leadership of the Communist Party of China。The teacher led the students to visit the four exhibition areas of "Hello Xiangjiang", "Power New Area", "Ingenuity City" and "Longing for the Future", listened to the detailed and vivid narration of the narrator, experienced the naked eye 3D, dynamic cinema and other modern audio-optic technology, and understood the past, present and future of Xiangjiang New Area。

After the visit, the teachers and students had a class summary and discussion。The students said that the "ideological and political course in the venue" was impressive, amiable and lovely, and the use of immersive video space and high-tech display means not only enriched their knowledge, broadened their horizons, but also realized the sublimation of their thoughts。

Peng Yuhan, a student of Hunan Normal University, believes that "as a college student in the new era, we should take on the burden bravely and show the power of youth in the fertile land of talent competition and the process of Chinese-style modernization!"

Liang Xinye, a student of Hunan Normal University, said, "I believe that Chinese-style modernization will become a bright milestone engraved in the long river of Chinese history. Young people in the new era should strive forward and contribute their own strength to China's development!"

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