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Zhang Difang, deputy governor of Pudong New Area of Shanghai, visited the school

2024-03-17 17:49   来源:Hunan Normal University news network   作者:Huang Yiyi Wu Sha   点击:

(Reporter Huang Yiyi Wu Sha) On March 16, Zhang Difang, vice governor of Shanghai Pudong New Area, came to the school to cooperate with young talents in education and health, and the symposium was held in the Student Activity Center of the Recruitment and Employment Office of our school。Vice President Wang Hui attended the meeting, and the meeting was presided over by the director of enrollment and employment Guidance Field。

Zhang Difang and his delegation visited the job fair site of our school and visited enterprises and institutions from Shanghai to understand their recruitment situation。

At the symposium, the heads of relevant departments of our school introduced the basic situation of the college's professional subject setting, enrollment scale, talent training mode and so on。Representatives of the two sides exchanged speeches。

Wang Hui extended a warm welcome to the arrival of Zhang Difang, Vice governor of Pudong New Area of Shanghai, and introduced the basic situation of the school from the aspects of history, discipline construction, development goals, employment quality and so on。He said that our school has always attached importance to the construction of basic education and personnel training, constantly optimized the subject and professional Settings, and insisted on sending outstanding talents to all parts of the country。He hoped that the two sides would strengthen communication, further carry out in-depth cooperation, and make new and greater contributions to serving the national strategy and economic and social development。

Zhang Difang thanked our school for the warm reception, affirmed the quality of talent training in our school, and on behalf of Shanghai Pudong New Area, warmly welcomed our students to work in Shanghai。She introduced the basic situation of Pudong New Area in terms of land area, population, economic construction and job market。She pointed out that school-local cooperation should adhere to the recruitment of talents, accurate selection of talents, and serve the Chinese-style modernization construction with a high-quality talent training system, so that talents can show their aspirations in the new era。

The leadership of Pudong New District, the Office of the Commission, the person in charge of the education and health related units, and the person in charge of the relevant departments of our school attended the meeting。

Editor: Huang Yiyi

Editor: Ma Tiequan

Review: Chen Lirong

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