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Party secretary Jiang Hongxin toured to guide the work of the 2024 doctoral student admission exam

2024-03-17 18:45   来源:Hunan Normal University news network   作者:Chen Lirong Xu Weirou Li Xinru   点击:

(Reporter Chen Lirong Xu Wei Rou Li Xinru) On the afternoon of March 16, Jiang Hongxin, secretary of the Party Committee of the University, visited the Zhishan Building to guide the 2024 doctoral student admission exam。When the morning examination began, Vice President Jiang Xinmiao visited the examination room, accompanied by Dean of Graduate School Zheng Xianzhang。

Jiang Hongxin went deep into the good building of the examination room inspection, the examination room is well prepared, the invigilator teachers seriously perform their duties, the examination order and other situations affirmed。He came to the test site monitoring room and examination room, visited the staff, and thanked everyone for their serious work and efforts。He carefully inquired about the implementation of our school in the group examination arrangement, examination room supervision, examination room facilities, examinees and other aspects,Listened to the relevant responsible person in the examination organization, examination implementation, service guarantee and other aspects of the work report,He affirmed the progress of the examination work,And put forward strict requirements for the management and confidentiality of examination papers。He stressed that the doctoral admission examination is an important way for the country to select high-level talents, bearing the important mission of educating people for the Party and selecting talents for the country, relevant functional departments should effectively improve awareness, strengthen division of labor and coordination between departments, do a good job in examination work and candidate services, and ensure that the examination is smooth and smooth。He put forward several requirements for the work: First, we must strictly implement the examination requirements of the superior deployment,Serious examination discipline,Ensure the safe and smooth conduct of the examination;Second, we should really care about the needs of candidates in the examination room,Embodies the humanistic care of Normal University,Strive to create a fair and just, warm and warm examination environment;Third, we must pay attention to logistics support work,Do a good job in order maintenance and examination supporting services,To ensure that all the work of doctoral admission examination is carried out smoothly。It was rainy weather and the ground was slippery. He especially told the staff to prepare for waterproof and non-slip, give the candidates full concern and care, and do a good job in the examination room security services, so as to create a comfortable and comfortable examination environment for the candidates。

It is reported that the 2024 doctoral student admission examination center has a total of 33 test rooms, 985 people to take the exam。Before the exam, the school made detailed arrangements, standardized the layout of the examination room, and strictly selected a group of serious and responsible invigilators to ensure that the exam was smooth and safe, and effectively maintained the fairness and justice of the exam。

The person in charge of relevant functional departments of the school accompanied the inspection。

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