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Teachers and students of our school participated in the 2024 Lei Feng Spirit Forum series of activities

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(Reporter Li Yang correspondent Liu Chenhui) On the morning of March 13, 2024 Lei Feng Spirit Forum and the fourth batch of Hunan Province learning Lei Feng activity demonstration site and post learning Lei Feng pacesetter release ceremony was held in Hunan Lei Feng Memorial Hall, Wangcheng District, Changsha。Xiang Yuqiao, dean of the Institute of Moral Culture of our school, was invited to attend the event and make a keynote speech as a theoretical expert。Three international students, Sa Jia, Gao Xiang and Xu Ruiping, participated in the activity as typical representatives of learning Lei Feng。School of Foreign Languages was awarded the fourth batch of Hunan Province learning Lei Feng activity demonstration site。

At the conference, Xiang Yuqiao made a speech on the topic of "Promoting the Construction of a Community of Human Destiny with the Spirit of Lei Feng"。Centering on the historical inevitability and practical path of Lei Feng's spirit to the world, he elaborated the positive role of Lei Feng's spirit in promoting the construction of a community of human destiny from three aspects: learning Lei Feng's sense of community of the Chinese nation, learning Lei Feng's traditional Chinese virtues, and learning Lei Feng's collectivism spirit。"The name and spirit of Lei Feng belong to China and also to the world。Xiang Yuqiao believes that the spirit of Lei Feng should go to the world and can also go to the world。His speech was highly recognized by the delegates。

SAGARA SEYDOU from Mali, BOUKETE GRACE from Congo and SIRIPHAN RATTAPHORN from Thailand were invited to attend the launch ceremony,Together, they visited the special exhibition "Walking with The Times"。"I would like to share Lei Feng's story of helping others with friends in Mali, so that everyone can know more about the kindness, dedication and willingness of the Chinese people to help others.。Saga said that Lei Feng's spirit is a banner, and his dedication to helping others deeply touched me。They agreed that in the future, they will help more people understand and understand the Chinese culture and ideological system through various ways and channels, and promote the diversity and inclusive development of global culture。

Over the years, the School of Foreign Languages has adopted the "theoretical research + cultural propaganda + voluntary service + social research + community action" one-nuclear five-drive working model,Continue to inherit the spirit of Lei Feng,Speak the spirit of Lei Feng in multiple languages,Tell Lei Feng's story and China's story to the world;Practice the Lei Feng spirit in various forms,To serve the revitalization of rural foreign language education;Professional dissemination of Lei Feng spirit,Enhance leadership in volunteer service。At present, there are more than 6,000 teachers and students participating in volunteer service, and the volunteer service time is more than 90,000 hours, and learning from Lei Feng based on the position has become a trend。

The event was organized by the Publicity Department of Changsha Municipal Committee of the CPC, Changsha Wangcheng District Committee of the CPC, Changsha Wangcheng District People's Government, Lei Feng Magazine and Hunan Lei Feng Spiritual Research Institute,Advanced collective and individual representatives from various industries in China and typical representatives of overseas students from Lei Feng participated,Thirty groups and 30 individuals were honored。Various departments of our school have carried out various forms of voluntary service activities according to the actual situation, internalizing Lei Feng's spirit in the heart and externalizing it in action, setting off a wave of learning Lei Feng inside and outside the campus, and writing Lei Feng's story in the new era in the spring。

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