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Forward the water company notice

2024-01-23 19:08   来源:Hunan Normal University news network   作者:Hunan Normal University energy management service center   点击:

Dear users:

According to the weather forecast, the minimum temperature today and tomorrow will be as low as minus 7 degrees, which is very easy to freeze the water supply pipe and cause water suspension (especially the upper wall pipe of the external riser). Today, the water supply pipe network of some residents has been frozen and unable to use water, which brings inconvenience to life。In order to effectively avoid freezing of the pipeline and ensure your normal water consumption, it is recommended that you keep the faucet at home dripping water to the line (see video) during the period of no water use from 22pm to 6am today and tomorrow to ensure the flow of tap water in the pipeline and avoid the inconvenience caused by freezing of the water supply pipeline. Thank you for your cooperation!

Hunan Normal University energy management service center

January 23, 2024

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